The next OnLine WatercolorDC class, Veggies 2, will be July 2nd.
We’ll look at the work people have done over the week.
We’ll talk a bit about making peppers look three dimensional and interesting.
Then we’ll get to painting.
Due to popular demand we’ll be doing peppers. Have a sketch ready. Choose a pepper from below, use a photo of your own, or do your own sketch. I’m going to suggest that we use only two colors – red and green, yellow and purple, or orange and blue.

If you’re nervous about having a sketch, or need to review the Gray lesson, go to the TechShort page for the videos From photo to sketch, and The colors of Gray

Veggies 1: Full class video (46 minutes)
Veggies 1: Painting review video (29 minutes)

Reflections 3: Full class video (1 hour 4 minutes)
Reflections 3: Painting review video (37 minute)
Reflections 2: Full class video (57 minutes)
Reflections 2: Painting review video (33 minute)
Reflections 1: Full class video (1 hour 1 minute)
Reflections 1: Painting review video (33 minute)

I’ve moved older videos to the archive

The reference paintings/photos are up.

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DPR has closed all community and recreation centers and canceled all classes but WatercolorDC is more than the class and more than the place.

There are two ways to participate:

  1. To join with video, on your web browser click If you are prompted to download the Zoom software, please do so.
  2. OR Use the Zoom app on your smartphone.Meeting ID: 7411 871 206 Password: 434

If you’re nervous about the technology sign on early. Chris and I will be on starting at 5:30 pm (EDT)

We’ll start by sharing any work we have done since last class and then go on to learn about painting reflections.
We’ve put up some videos of technical subjects on TechShorts page.

Reference Pictures of Veggies – Peppers.

I like the paintings more than the photos I found, so I started with them. I especially like the first two paintings, since they both make use of the colors of gray. The red and green that don’t become gray and the yellow that uses purple for the shadow. Where there are several peppers in a reference picture feel free to do fewer.