Black History Month Art Show 210224
PaintZoom Art Show 200903


Short Videos showing technical tips Drawing Heads Reflections vs. Shadows From photo to sketch Backgrounds - Plastic Wrap Using plastic Wrap to create backgrounds for Holiday cards…

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PaintZoom Video Archive

Old Painting videos never die they just move to the archive Living Large:Painting Review (12 minutes)Full Class Video (21 minutes)Cicadas using credit card scratches and pearlescent paint. Painting Review (18…

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Technical Shorts Gallery
Swan Lake

Nov 25, 2019 – Art Show

Hillcrest Recreation Center Artists present: Our first art show. Most of the artists in this show have never painted with watercolor before. The first group of pictures are the first…

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Nov 21, 2019 – Art Show

Randall Community Center Artists present: The Best of 2019 This is our first juried art show. Artists selected five of their best work. The class discussed each painting then voted…

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Halloween 2019

This show was done by request. Randall Community Center had an Open House for Halloween, and we were asked to decorate the walls with paintings. Most were painted for this…

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Aug 29, 2019 – Art Show

The exercises this term were: What makes water wet? Puddles and Reflections Color values, Darks and paintings from previous terms. What makes water wet - Puddles What makes water wet…

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May 23 2019 – Art Show

The exercises this term were using salt, rice, and oatmeal to create texture in wet paint. These paintings were made by applying masking fluid to maintain white and doing wet…

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Black History Month 2019

During the term artists worked on two¬†themes for Black History Month, "Follow the Drinking Gourd" and "In time of Silver Rain," and did some independent work. First Black History Theme:…

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These paintings are illustrations for a re-visioned myth of ancient Sweden. It is based on the my family: Ernst my grandfather, Ella, my grandmother, Alma my great aunt. The story…

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