Christmas and Epiphany Art 2023  
  Every Christmas, St. Mark’s greening takes on a different form with different inspiration. This year, our plants, ribbons and lights are quite traditional. But to celebrate the revitalization of our church after the remoteness of the last few years, we also asked different groups within St. Mark’s to create banners depicting aspects of the Christmas story meaningful to their life at the church.
As the different contributions beautify our nave, we celebrate all the ways that people find community and purpose at St. Mark’s on Christmas and throughout the year.

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From left to right

The Refugee Steering Committee invites us to reflect on the displacement of families as they flee oppression through its image of the holy family.

The choir celebrates the heavenly host delivering good news to the shepherds just as they lift their own voices each Sunday.

Each Sunday School class created an Advent Candle by having each of their students design their own piece of the candle while discussing ways to let their light shine.

One banner was created by parishioners from the morning services by cutting out advertisements that can distract us from our real focus at Christmas, Mary and her child.

Another banner was created by parishioners from the 5 o’clock service by using pictures of the evening services to create the star of Bethlehem, a light in the darkness just as the 5 o’clock service is a beacon on dark nights.

Pictures from three of the many outreach board projects were used to create the three gifts of Epiphany.

The Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence banner compels us to remember lives lost and look for signs of hope like doves of peace.

We also have nativities from Palestine that were loaned to us by the Middle East Working Group.

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