Painting for those who think they can’t draw/paint/be part of an art class

    We’re off the last Thursday in July — the 29th

    Our next class is Thursday, August 5th2021 — 5:45 PM. — By popular demand, for August, we’ll go back to Sumi-e. We’ll do fish and dragons first with water cloth, then taking it to paper with one and then two colors

    Click for Sumi-e supplies

    You can do everything with a good sized brush, black watercolor paint and lots of paper. But people have asked, so....

    2 pieces of water cloth (problems getting the folds out) and 2 brushes
    — $9.99
    or one of the following papers

    2 pieces of high quality water cloth (no folds) — $9.99
    6 pieces of high quality water cloth (share with a friend) — $10.99 and

    3 brushes — $6.99 

    While you are off you might want to continue using only 3 colors. It makes use of our understanding of gray.(For a refresher see the Making Gray video)

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    There are two ways to participate:

    1. To join with video, with your web browser click If you are prompted to download the Zoom software, please do so.
    2. OR Use the Zoom app on your smartphone.

      Meeting ID: 7411 871 206 Password: ascent

    Sumi-e Third Class: Two Colors, One stroke, Bamboo
    Painting Review (10 minutes)
    Sumi-e Second Class: Bamboo culms and stems
    Painting Review (7 minutes)
    Sumi-e First Class: Bamboo Leaves
    Painting Review (20 minutes)

    I’ve moved older videos to the video archive

Three colors – Gray

Sumi-e Bamboo

    I’m committed to everyone having access to PaintZoom but appreciate donations as you see fit.
    Thanks and keep on painting!


All DPR centers are CLOSED! All classes are canceled We are holding classes on the web via Zoom. Go to: PaintZoom OR click on the icon below. I've also added a TechShorts page for introductory material. To review past classes go to the Painting Video Archive page. See you online

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  1. Nancy

    I think I have. Glad you started!! What time?

  2. Sandra Bruce

    I plan to join in

  3. Marilyn G

    I Love these photos! Thanks. I’m really looking forward to the class. I hope everyone is going live on Zoom because I need to see you painting.

  4. Lynn

    See you at 5:45. Thank you for doing this. Lynn

  5. D. Hall

    The demo was GREAT, Elin

    Diane Hall

  6. Virginiai Vitucci

    I look forward to attending the April 2nd Watercolor Zoom Class.
    Thank you!!!



    My watercolor instructor is now starting a zoom watercolor class. I helping her some with the technology since I’m doing an online college class due to the virus. One question how you do get to present the picture of painting the watercolor from above? What type of camera do you have and how do you mount it?

    1. elin

      Tell her to get in touch.

  8. Carolyn C Drake

    I am guessing the answer to your 07-12-2020 question is YOU.

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