Scratches 2: Watercolor, Scratches and Colored Pencil — Hills:
Painting Review (35 minutes)
Full Class (49 minutes)
Scratches 1: Watercolor, Scratches and Colored Pencil — Introduction:
Painting Review (33 minutes)
Full Class (49 minutes)
Winter 4: Snow Scene – Review of Masking with Parchment
Painting Review (30 minutes)
Winter 3: Birch Tree in Snow
Painting Review (30 minutes)
Full Class (41 minutes)
Winter 2: Transparent Ornament
Painting Review (37 minutes)
Full Class (52 minutes)

I’ve moved older videos to the archive

Reference Pictures – As always feel free to use your own or just sketch freely.
    Photos that I think would work with the technique. Followed by work by the class we did 2 years ago followed, in turn, by the work of Raul Colon, originator of the technique.

    We have been working with watercolor, scratches and colored pencils. Sally showed us her friend’s beautiful bird painting. Out of these two things I thought it might be fun to do birds using our scratch technique for the textures of the feathers. I’ve put up some photos and will probably find more. I’m not sure what I’ll paint.

    Photos for scratches 03 — Birds

    Photos for scratches 02 — Landscape

    Previous class work.

    Raul Colon’s work

      I’m committed to everyone having access to PaintZoom but appreciate donations as you see fit.
      Thanks and keep on painting!


    All DPR centers are CLOSED! All classes are canceled We are holding classes on the web via Zoom. Go to: PaintZoom OR click on the icon below. I've also added a TechShorts page for introductory material. To review past classes go to the Painting Video Archive page. See you online

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      I think I have. Glad you started!! What time?

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      I Love these photos! Thanks. I’m really looking forward to the class. I hope everyone is going live on Zoom because I need to see you painting.

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      See you at 5:45. Thank you for doing this. Lynn

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      My watercolor instructor is now starting a zoom watercolor class. I helping her some with the technology since I’m doing an online college class due to the virus. One question how you do get to present the picture of painting the watercolor from above? What type of camera do you have and how do you mount it?

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        Tell her to get in touch.

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      I am guessing the answer to your 07-12-2020 question is YOU.

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