Archive PZ photos

Archive PZ photos

Sumi-e Fish, Dragon, and Bamboo (more to come). Adding Birds to this album sent me on a quest. Wet Birds

Wet Birds. I want to make Sumi-e wet birds. We’ll see if I can.
Living LARGE, however you define it.


Spring flowers.I’m doing irises using ammonia.

Cherry trees, Cherry blossoms, cherry branches, the tidal basin.

Puddles, balloons and marbles are all about transparency and reflections. As always feel free to use your own sketch. The poem follows the photos.

Lotus – reviewing charging.

Succulents – Charging

Bugs and Butterflies
Thanks to Sally for the photos and the ideas.

Pictures for Fireworks

Photos for scratches 03 — Birds

Photos for scratches 02 — Landscape

Winter 03

Winter 02

Winter 01

Kwanzaa – Hanukkah – Christmas

Pumpkins, Gourds, Squash

Asian Mountains