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“St Adea, Patron saint of unwed mothers”

And ten percent (243) of the Owls from “The Owls are Watching” have flown to Salon Show at

TAG: The Artist Gallery 501 N Market St / Frederick MD.

To see the back story of the pieces.

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St Adea


Background of the pieces

St Adea:During a discussion of St. Augustine of Hippo I mentioned that Augustine had some flaws like putting away his partner of 15 years and the mother of his son so that he could marry an heiress (who incidentally was only 10 years old).

A young man said, “Oh, but she was a whore”. He had heard that during his Roman Catholic upbringing.

So I wanted to right the story. And, incidentally, show support for the women who bare and raise their children alone and support women’s choice and control of their bodies.

Owls: I was at a comedy stand up open mike hosted by my grandson. One of the comics told a story that went something like this:

    This could only happen in New York, and only to me. I was in the Port Authority bus terminal and someone grabbed my ass. Only in New York and of all the people in the Port Authority only me. No-one is as unlucky as I am.

He went on some along the same vein so that finally, I got impatient so piped up, “Have you ever talked to a woman? It happens all the time. It happens in every city, town, and county.” There was a murmur of agreement from the women in the room.

Afterwards I realized that people/men really don’t know how pervasive harassment is. So the owl project was born. I wanted something that would be fun, colorful, not maudlin, not blaming, just a way to show the numbers.